November 12, 2013

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Discover Theatre in Toronto

Begin with the Toronto Centre for the Arts

Visitors to Toronto can discover a world of theatre and arts that is often as diverse as anything you might expect to find in New York, but less expensive.

If you’re planning on visiting Toronto it pays to do a little homework before you get there, because it’s not unusual to find that some of the best performances are booked out well in advance.

A good place to start researching upcoming events in Toronto is at the website of the Toronto Centre for the Arts [...]

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November 5, 2013


How to Find a Theatre Performance Anywhere in Canada (Including Puppets)

Find a performance for the kids, because they need their theatre too

We’ve already written about finding theatre performances in Toronto, but what happens if you’re not in Toronto, or not planning to visit Toronto? Or if you’d like to see more performances in other parts of Canada?

The opportunities available to you for live theatre and other live performances are endless, and are available in a wide range of different parts of Canada.

But how do you find them? [...]

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October 27, 2013


Banff National Park. The Perfect Destination For Outdoors Activities in Canada

Take a break from theatre visits. Visit Banff, you won’t be disappointed

No visit to Canada would be complete without a visit to Banff National Park. Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest National Park, situated in the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta.banff-national-park

The park was established in 1884 and is very large, 6500 square kilometres in area. It is known for its stunning scenery, including some wonderful winter scenery. There are many glaziers and icefields in the National Park along with various Alpine landscapes and forests.

However Banff is not just there to look at, it is one of Canada’s most loved destinations for a whole range of outdoor activities, and any visitor to Canada can find a whole host of fascinating things to do in the National Park. [...]

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April 18, 2014


What You Need to know about Firearms When You Travel Canada

Laws related to firearms are different in Canada than in the United States which is important to anyone that’s crossing the border from the US. In Canada, there is no constitutional right to keep and bear arms. However, this does not mean that private ownership or importation of firearms is prohibited outright. Visitors to Canada may bring certain types of firearms into the country, borrow firearms after arriving as well as purchase a gun if they hold the appropriate type of permit. It is, however, very important that visitors to Canada be aware of current regulations and comply with them.

Bringing Firearms While on a Visit to Canada

The procedure to follow depends on what type of gun you are bringing with you. The majority of shotguns or rifles are classified as non-restricted firearms in Canada, which makes their temporary importation quite straightforward.

Handguns, as well as some types of rifles, such as the AR15, are classified as restricted. While bringing them into the country is not forbidden, the procedure to follow is slightly more time consuming.

Some types of firearms are prohibited in Canada and as such they cannot be legally brought in across the border. Prohibited firearms include weapons that are fully automatic, were converted to automatic, assault-type weapons, as well as handguns that have a barrel length shorter than 4 inches. Take note that certain guns which may be legally purchased by civilians in the United States, such as semi-automatic AK-47 patterned rifles, or semi-automatic versions of the Heckler & Koch MP5, are classified as prohibited weapons.

If you are bringing a non-restricted firearm with you into Canada, you must declare it at the point of entry and fill out a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration (RCMP form 5589.) This declaration will serve as a permit to possess a firearm inside the country and is valid for 60 days.

If you wish to bring a restricted firearm, you will need to contact the Chief Firearms Officer for the province you are planning to visit in order to obtain an Authorization to Transport.

Borrowing or Purchasing Firearms in Canada

Non-residents who wish to borrow firearms in Canada, usually to take part in an organized shooting competition or a hunting event, may request a Temporary Firearms Borrowing License for Non-Residents (RCMP form 5513.)

Purchasing a Firearm in Canada

If you wish to buy a firearm in Canada, you will need to obtain a Possession and Acquisition license, or PAL.

Additional Gun Regulations

All guns must be brought in unloaded and be stored securely. You may want to consider investing in a firearms safe, like one featured here.

When not in use, firearms must be stored in a way that would prevent their theft or misuse. This website has reviews of various types of gun safes that you can use while traveling.

Take note that unlike in the United States, carrying a concealed firearm is strictly prohibited while you are in Canada, unless you were issued a special permit called an Authorization to Carry (ATC,) which is almost impossible to obtain for Canadians, let alone foreign visitors.

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April 4, 2014


Traveling the Beautiful Lands of Canada

Canada is home to several spectacular sites and natural landscapes, it’s no wonder why one might wish to travel here and experience her natural beauty. However, it is also the second largest Country in the world, so in traveling to Canada, one is obviously going to need a plan on where to travel and what to do.


Sites worth Seeing


In Canada there are far too many sites to list in one article, but I am here to narrow it down to a few “must see attractions” that many people from all around the world travel to see. They have beautiful cities and provinces like Quebec, or, for the more adventurous traveler, you can peer across the rooftops of Toronto from the peak of the CN tour, held on by nothing but a harness.


Niagara Falls


 More than likely you have already heard of the Niagara Falls which flows right in between the U.S. and the Canadian boarders. But did you know there are actually multiple ways you can see the falls? You can climb to the top and see the water rushing over the side, you can view it from the bottom from the safety of the land, or, you can even take a river cruise boat, much like those of the European River Cruise’s, from the base of the water fall.


New Brunswick and Nova Scotia


There are some other spectacular sites to see other than the falls, such as in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Here you can view some of the world’s most impressive tides at the Fundy Bay, or see the fortress city which has been preserved, perfectly, since the 18th century, in Louisburg, Nova Scotia.


Exploring the wonderful views that Canada has to offer is a great way to wind down and see some of Mother Nature’s natural beauty at work.

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March 19, 2014


Why Canadians Travel To the US for Plastic Surgery

Perfect naked body, isolated, white background

People in Canada like to travel to the United States for all sorts of appealing reasons. Some people like to travel to experience the sights and sounds of the country. Others are interested in the arts and assorted attractions that can be found all around the United States.


However, one big reason why so many people are so fascinated by the United States for travel purposes is because they know that they will get access to all sorts of plastic surgery options. People often head into places that aren’t too far from the border like Maine or New Jersey to engage in procedures like breast augmentation surgery or to receive injection-based materials like Juvederm. There are several great reasons why travel out from Canada into America is done with plastic surgery in mind.


Strict Safety Is Used


A big part of places to visit for surgery in the United States comes from the strict attention to safety that different surgical offices use. Many patients who go into these offices for things like a breast augmentation South Jersey at do so because the doctors who are there to perform procedures are highly trained and experienced in the many things that they can do.


These doctors often work hard to take care of their patients with sterile equipment, strong sanitation standards and an adherence to the most stringent procedural standards. They want to ensure that patients in America are safe.


Certification is Strict As Well


In addition, Canadians often travel into the US for procedures because they know that they will be taken care of by doctors who have been certified for such functions. The American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons both require surgeons to have years of experience in plastic surgery and to engage in plenty of continuing education programs in order to stay certified.


In fact, many of these doctors are certified by some of the world’s top plastic surgery schools. These include such prominent American institutions as the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the HarvardMedicalSchool and the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago. These are high-end schools that have been trusted throughout the entire world in terms of what is offered.


Cost Factors are Important


The prices of many plastic surgery options in America can also be relatively easy to afford. An example of this comes from how it can cost less than $10,000 Canadian to get procedures handled in the United States. For instance, liposuction or rhinoplasty procedures may cost as low as $2,000. Meanwhile, breast augmentation procedures, whether they involve reduction or enhancement procedures, often cost around $5,000 to use. The prices will vary but they are good for all people including Canadians who come into America for treatment.


Availability is Key


The last reason is because it is often hard for some people in Canada to get access to different procedures. For instance, a Juvederm Portland Maine service like at might not be so easy to find in some places due to the specialized nature of the treatment. In addition, people in places that aren’t so densely populated like Western Ontario, Saskatchewan and much of the Maritime Provinces.


People in Canada have been highly successful with regards to taking care of their plastic surgery needs in the United States. People out here often go into America not only for procedures in general but also because they are easy to afford and the process of certificate is not all that hard to go through. This makes for a very sensible solution worth trying out when finding a way to get one’s body to look great. It’s an amazing part of tourism into America that is worth noticing.


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February 27, 2014


Top 3 Notes to Make When Travelling to Canada

CanadaCanada is a striving country from border to border when it comes to art, entertainment, landscapes, outdoor adventures and beautiful architecture. With the given rate of people travelling to Canada for vacation purposes, infrastructure and accommodation are some of the areas that are being developed by the industrialists. Despite the high quality of services and comfort level that is offered to tourists, there are certain precautions and double checks that a traveller must make personally in order to ensure a trip without any health troubles or hassles. Here are top 3 notes to make when travelling to Canada-

1) Prepare for Alternative Payment Options-

Although most travelers are quite smart when on the move. To be prepared for any unseen circumstances when converted cash may become lost or forgotten back in  the hotel room, always have an alternative medium of payment that is functional in Canada. If you are travelling with VISA or Mastercard, check if it has international banking and transactions activated to avoid being stranded at locations or events handcuffed.

2) Pack-in First Aid and Health Related Devices-

Canada has varying temperatures, the unpredictable turn of weather changes may be harmful for certain asthma or congestion patients. First-aid must be present for migraine or other minor injuries that may occur during outdoor adventure. Whereas, health related items such as a steamer or humidifier should be kept to fight against dry weather patches that leave asthma struck people with nose bleeds, sinus or children with cracked lips. Many hotels in Canada do offer humidifiers, but as a caution against the validity of its filter, one must also keep a filter handy. For excellent quality check out these humidifier filters, which are perfect for travelling and are famous for killing any bacteria forming germs in the area.

3) Make Reservations and Bookings Before Landing-

The holiday season in Canada leads to a huge influx of visitors as well as residents coming out for a good time. If the vacation is for a specific theatre arts group performance or outdoor adventure troop activity, then assure that reservations are made prior landing. This also includes reserving hotels. Getting down unprepared may lead to disappointment of getting full houses in theatre or unavailable slots in activities. Most theatre groups or event management companies have websites with event calendars available where bookings can be made in advance.

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February 22, 2014


National Trucking Show To be Held In Calgary

truckingOne of Canada’s main trucking expos will be held in Calgary this year and it provides the chance for dealers and manufacturers to promote their new vehicles and equipment.

The 2013 event was immensely popular with famous names from all over the world attending and all the big players from the trucking and automotive world were there. Indeed it proved to be the first time that we had seen many truck models in this country as well and provided a fantastic event for all truck and automotive lovers.

This year is going to be no different and it will still welcome the numerous manufacturers to the city in an attempt to raise awareness for their new vehicles and their new truck wheels and will be there in attendance as well. In fact, 2013 was a big event for wheels as most of the major manufacturers – Goodyear, Bridgestone and Vogue – all released new equipment designed specifically for trucks and trucking.

It also promises to be a big year for other equipment too and last year saw new Dodge Ram 2wd lift spindles on show from and we expect that they’ll be back in 2014 with another highly coveted product.

Aside from just bringing some of the biggest and brightest to Calgary it is great for the city after the floods of 2013. The unusual weather caused havoc with infrastructure and it was unclear whether or not the event would even be held this year due to logistics and dealing with the flooding aftermath. However everyone has pulled together and it now seems as though the event is going to go ahead as planned with no major disruptions and this is undoubtedly a major victory for the city itself and the people of Calgary.

There is also a major charity aspect to the Calgary auto and trucking expo as well. Last year hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised for various local and national charities from food aid to medical research and the Annual Mayor’s Christmas Food Drive was one such venture that benefitted greatly from the generosity of those who attended.

At the minute all the major manufacturers and dealers are scheduled to attend to so it looks as if the 2013 Calgary automobile and truck show is going to be another big event however it is also good news that many local dealers and manufacturers will be in attendance as well. People want to see what the big players have to offer however it is testament to our city that local dealers also get exposure and the event has been very beneficial in an economic sense; but just during the event itself but afterwards with local trade.

The 2014 Calgary International Auto and Truck Show will be held in March of this year and you can find more details about tickets, dates and times online. It is expected to be packed out over the 4 day event so if you are planning on going then it is best to get organized soon.




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January 29, 2014


Behind the Scenes in Canadian Museums

According to the Canadian Museum Association there are over 2000 museums for visitors to enjoy and to immerse themselves in a cultural atmosphere of a variety of exhibits. There are art galleries and science centers, botanical gardens boasting hundreds of varieties of plant life, zoos, archaeological sites and historical monuments. While we thrive on the hands on learning approach offered by the museums, it often comes with questions about their management and techniques of display and preservation of the artifacts.

How are the exhibits set up when they are temporary or travelling exhibits?

Many factors contribute to the design of temporary and travelling exhibits, such as its stability in the exhibit as well as moving these exhibits around. Many museums look to green design to lower the impact on the environment, such as using recycled packaging to lower the weight of the display when moving.

Where do museums get their artifacts?

The large museums depend mostly on government funding and donations in order to purchase their acquisitions. Sometimes, the actual artifacts are donated, often after the owner is deceased as part of their bequests. Not only are individuals interested in allowing the public to enjoy pieces of work, they are also able to obtain tax receipts. Other museums exhibits are simply on loan from other institutions or individuals.

How are the artifacts stored and kept safe?

Light, temperature, humidity and pests are taken into consideration depending on the type of artifacts they are trying to preserve. Lights can harm paintings and photos whereas extremely high or low temperatures can damage wood, and rubber displays. Humidity which is too high will encourage pests and growth of mold and fungus on paper or wood, and can also cause metal displays to rust. The biggest threat to the preservation of artifacts can come from none other than people. It is most important when touching or moving artifacts to use cotton gloves.

How does a museum keep track of all of their artifacts?

There are fixed assets software out there for just such a purpose. In this age of computers keeping track of inventory is far easier than it used to be. Software based on the use of barcodes allows the user to assign unique identification to every piece in the museum, tracking where it is at any given moment. These pieces will be assigned a unique number or barcode when they are brought in, and as much or as little information can be input based on the museums requirements. In the case of zoos, it will allow the tracking of consumables so that you will never be left with a hungry animal.

How are museums funded?

The majority of museums are non-profit organizations, often with government funding. For the non-profit organizations it is a delicate balance of government grants and private sector donations for the most part. Non-profit also means that they are exempt from many of the taxes that other businesses are required to pay. Many museums have set up foundations whose sole purpose is to raise funds to ensure sustainability to both operate the museum and to update its acquisitions.

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January 24, 2014


The Stratford Festival: Much More than Shakespeare

The Stratford Festival in Canada is one of the premier venues for presenting the works of William Shakespeare. From April to November every year, the small town of Stratford Ontario is bustling with visitors from around the world. Hotels are overflowing and bed and breakfasts for miles around are booked months ahead.

There are now four venues for theater, presenting a variety from the Bard’s well known plays such as King Lear and Midsummer Night’s Dream to the witty play of Noel Coward and the engaging musical of Gershwin. A season’s repertoire definitely has something for everybody. There are customized package deals available for visitors who want to make the most of their limited time.

The Festival also offers many value added features. There are forums with well-known experts in all aspects of theater not only willing to share their views, but also taking questions and opinions from the audience. The public can attend lectures and interview sessions which explore areas of theater art they might never have considered. For example, this season, a renowned psychiatrist talks about the connection between artistic expression and mental health.

Some of the most popular activities are the behind-the-scene tours. Not only is it easy to book ahead online or through a tour agency, it is essential as there are limited numbers and the groups fill up quickly. The choices are all interesting, especially for true theater buffs:

  • Theatre tour: a one-hour walk behind the main stage exploring all the entrance and exits for actors, being allowed to stand in the middle of the uniquely designed stage, and listening to the history and many anecdotes of life in the theater
  • Garden tour: a 45-minutes walking tour of the beautiful landscaping on the Festival Theater grounds, including spectacular gardens; volunteer horticultural enthusiasts will engage even the most unknowledgeable visitor
  • Costume and props warehouse tour: a one hour tour of no more than 30 people at a time; showcases the thousands of costumes from the extravagance of 16th century royalty dress to flapper dress of the 1920s and modern day ensembles; visitors hear how such an extensive wardrobe inventory is tracked and managed so it is always in mint condition

Besides the actual theater experience, visitors to Stratford can enjoy many other attractions around town. Special to Stratford are canoe trips down the lazy Avon River, taking care not to hit any swans. There are several caterers who will prepare incredible picnic lunches complete with champagne to enjoy on the parkland adjacent to the river.

Accommodations range from downtown boutique hotels, to typical urban motels, gracious Victorian hotel and many friendly, well run bed and breakfasts. There is great shopping on the main street and restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Stratford is in the middle of a region considered to be an antique hunter’s dream world. Visitors delight in exploring dusty little shops and large antique malls for that perfect souvenir.

Anyone can browse online and book their accommodations, theater tickets and tour times. However, it is sometimes helpful to engage the assistance of a tour operator and go as part of group as they often have special access to some of the attractions. No matter who plans the trip, a visit to the Stratford Festival is always a success.

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January 22, 2014


A Night in Vancouver

Vancouver night scene at kitsilano beachIf you visit Vancouver, there is a lot to see – nature is amazingly beautiful; breath-taking mountains reach the skies; spectacular parks teeming with wildlife will bewilder you with their magnitude and grandeur. Yes, there is a lot to see in this city – easily the pearl of British Columbia.

When the night envelops the city in a blanket of fog – this is when a new life begins. Because there is a lot to see and do after sunset. (And sometimes sunset may be earlier than you expect).

Night walks

Just as any Northern country, Canada offers numerous opportunities for walks in awesome night atmosphere. Vancouver is an exciting place to take a walk round in the dark, especially if the night is not too cold. Take a walk across one of the many bridges without the noisy activity of the weekday.


The city boast several theaters where you can attend popular plays as well as local ones. Vancouver cherishes its theatrical art as they are one of the most important venues providing the essential need of arts and culture. So, if you want an escape into culture – note down Vancouver theaters as your destination for a cultural relish.

Night clubs

Perhaps Vancouver can easily become your place you’d happily move to, especially if you like night life. Not that the city offers anything that you can’t enjoy in any other city popular with its night life. No. The secret of Vancouver’s success among club-goers is the fact that it offers music for any taste and welcomes the different. There are countless hot spots where you can stay out late, dance, enjoy live music over a glass of wine, watch an unforgettable burlesque show, or take pleasure in one of the many cocktail bars in Gastown. Other places of significant nightlife are Granville Street and Main Street.


If you feel like trying your luck, the city offers many places where you can spend your money until the wee hours. The pleasant inviting atmosphere of the local casinos will provide a time to remember. If you are looking for fun, there are many venues in Vancouver where you can have an adrenaline rush.

Hungry after a night out?

With so much to do and see, no wonder you will end up happily exhausted and, yes, hungry. There are a great many restaurants which are open till late. If you don’t really feel like staying out any longer, then you can without any difficulty order food online. Luckily, there is the option on late night delivery in Vancouver. So, breath, relax and enjoy your late night delivery Vancouver style.

Want more?

If this was not enough for your taste, then you might want to check out places such as Davie Street Village and Denman Street. These are the spots where you can be amazed at the color and ostentatiousness, at the lively and carefree spirit in the air. Are you ready to enjoy a night in Vancouver?

December 23, 2013


Theater Aficionado Reviews Jamie R’s Christmas Concert

The theater and arts scene of Canada is more alive than ever. Every night, there is always a new show worth checking out. Since there are so many wonderful shows going on every night, both locals and tourists can have a hard time picking which show to watch. Being a theater and arts aficionado, many of my friends have recently been asking me which show to check out this holiday season. I am writing this guide now to recommend a show that I think everyone will love. If you can only watch one show this holiday season, make it Jamie R’s Christmas concert.

Jamie R has been in the theater business for almost two decades now – despite this, he still continually stages amazing shows. Jamie R’s Christmas concerts always have amazing production design, you can count on this. More importantly, Jamie R and his guests always sound amazing. Whether they are doing a traditional take on “the Christmas Song” or a rock and roll one on “Jingle Bell Rock,” you can count on Jamie R and his friends to always work it. Theater fans from all over Canada know that Jamie R shows are the liveliest. The audience is always encouraged to get up from their seats and dance to Jamie R’s songs – this is what makes watching a Jamie R show such a wonderful experience. Jamie R is part lounge act, part rock and roll superstar. Both young and old will surely enjoy his upcoming concert.

Tourists should book tickets to the show as soon as possible. Jamie R’s concerts get sold out really fast. Tourists should also remember to bring enough money. There was a time when I almost missed a show I really wanted to watch because I did not bring enough money. Luckily, banc de binary withdrawal is very fast. Unlike with many other banks, withdrawing money from Banc de Binary can be done online and has no charge. Tourists should always be prepared lest they miss out on the shows they want to watch.

Jamie R’s upcoming Christmas concert will also coincide with his 20th anniversary in the business. The producers of the show have teased fans saying that it will be his grandest and most fun concert yet. Concert divas Kyrie Minnow and Brittany Pears are also rumored to make a surprise appearance in the show. Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that the Christmas concert is going to be one of the best shows of the year.

Jamie R’s Christmas concert is not the only great show running this holiday season. Tourists and locals who can afford to watch other shows should do so. People really can’t go wrong with Canadian theater. Thanks to the patronage of theater lovers from here and abroad, it has boomed into one of the most exciting theater scenes in the world. Hopefully, this guide will shine a spotlight on it. With more and more people becoming fascinated with Canadian theater, it will surely be able to compete with Broadway and the West End in time.

December 7, 2013


Canadian Theater Vacations – Essential Tips For A Safe Vacation

For many years I dreamed of taking a trip to Canada focused specifically on the theater scene.  I was particularly keen on visiting the Alberta Opera and the RoseBud  Theater.  I remember going there about 25 years ago when I was a child, and wanted to see how much it had changed since then.

I knew it was going to be a great trip, but I knew that I had practical things to consider, too. I’m pretty organized and pragmatic in general, so if you aren’t, then you may find the following “Safe Vacation Checklists” helpful.  In fact, you may find these tips valuable to non-Canadian destinations ass well.

Tip #1: Know Your Emergency Numbers

Make sure you know the emergency numbers associated with your destination.  This would include Emergency Services (e.g., 911),  Fire Department Service, Non-Emergency Ambulance services and pretty much any other number you probably have hanging up on your refrigerator at home.

Tip #2: Check Your Health Insurance Coverage

Check to see if you need special travel insurance. While you may have no probably getting treated (depending on where you visit), you’ll still rack up medical expenses that probably are not covered by your current health insurance policy.

Tip #3: Check Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Check your Auto Insurance policy to see if you need to buy extended coverage. For example my California car insurance plan provides me with coverage when I travel to Canada, but not all auto insurance policies are created equal. Check yours to see if you’re covered.

Tip #4: Check For Theater Vacation Deals

This is something I did not do and wish that I had. Depending on the time of your and the theater festivals going on, you can save a significant money on your vacation expenses buy checking into travel packages.  And if you’re going with a group of friends, make sure that you check into special group rates.  I’m not old enough to qualify for senior rates,  but that’s another discount avenue you might want to check into.

Tip #5: Look For “See As Many Plays As You Wish” Packages

If your vacation is going to focus primarily on watching plays, consider looking into special “See As Many Plays As You Wish”packages. Be careful with this tip though. I’d suggest you read the tour guides for your destinations to see if you really want to exclude other activities in favor of spending more of your time in the theaters.

Tip #6: Pick Up Promotion Booklets At The Local Tourism Office

Although using promotional coupons will limit your choices somewhat, it is also true that using these coupons can save you quite a bit of money. I oftened saved 50% per meal by using these types of coupons.

There are plenty of additional more obvious tips such as flying off season, buying your airline tickets far in advance, and using your mileage rewards to keep your costs down. But hopefully these 6 tips will help you avoid some of the major mistakes that people make when setting out for a trip of fun in the Canadian Theater districts.

December 1, 2013


Canadian Vacations Good For Senior Citizens

For senior citizens who enjoy traveling, Canada is an ideal vacation destination because of its safety, rich history, and beautiful nature. In terms of total area, Canada is the second largest country in the world, and is full of cultural curiosities, bustling cities, kind people, and picturesque natural reserves. Best of all, though, is that there are many attractions that are senior-friendly, as well as tourist groups that cater specifically to people over 50. 

Senior Tours Canada: Canada West

One of Canada’s most reputable senior-only travel organizations is Senior Tours Canada. The company offers tours and trips organized specifically for an older crowd. Their most popular trip is a super scenic 12 day jaunt through the breathtakingly beautiful Canadian Rockies. The tour visits Banff National Park as well as Jasper National Park, meaning that photo opportunities and wildlife sightseeing opportunities are both abundant. For the water-inclined, this 12 day expedition also goes to Vancouver Island and Lake Louise.

Another tour offered by Senior Tours is the Niagara Falls Deluxe, a trip to North America’s most famous waterfall attraction. For five days and four nights, Senior Tours will escort you in a plush, properly maintained motorbuse to the finest restaurants near the three waterfalls, as well as provide easy access to various Niagara Falls tours. We found excellent information on other tours and things of interest to seniors on seniority complex, which is a senior social gathering place of sorts.

Saguenay River Whale-Watching Tour

Organized by DeNure Tours, this, like Senior Tours, arranges tours throughout Canada exclusively for older folks, offers a unique whale-watching opportunity on the Saguenay River. This popular tour lasts a total of seven days, goes by bus through Northern Quebec’s verdant Saguenay area, which weaves through the Canadian Shield and Laurentian Mountains. 

DeNure Tours has been hosting vacation tours in Canada since 1960, and has many departure points in this vast country. These include: Toronto, Trenton, Ontario, Napanee, and Cobourg. 
Areas of interest on the Saguenay River seven day tour include the newly renovated lumbering village of Val-Jalbert. The trip also takes you through the historic heart of Quebec City, which was once a famous French fur-trading city. Of course, the outing’s highlight comes along the north shores of the Tadoussac, where whales swim and congregate.

Railway Trips

A great Canadian vacation option for seniors is a trip on the country’s railway system. The longest trip spans from Toronto to Vancouver, and takes four days. The slow, serene speed of the train offers excellent scenic views of the Canadian Rockies. If you do not have four days for the trans-Canada train tour, a tour company called Rocky Mountaineer Vacations hosts train trips that run exclusively through the mountainous terrain of the Canadian Rockies.

Every commercial train carrier in Canada offers berths or rooms for overnight travel, and provides the perfect opportunity to drift asleep while you are amidst the dense Canadian wilderness. The bottom line is that senior citizens have many travel choices when it comes to Canadian vacations. From rail, to mountains, to the fish filled ocean coasts, to the multicultural spectacle that is Canada, it is a great destination for both young and old visitors alike.

November 28, 2013


Introducing Dart Cayman Islands, Ken Dart, and the Made In Cayman Series

Photo Credit:

For those who have not yet been introduced, Ken Dart is the founder of the Dart Cayman Island group, who is the proud sponsor of the new philanthropic venture, the Made In the Cayman Islands series.

Dart Cayman Islands proudly calls the Grand Cayman Island home to their headquarters. The Dart group of businesses is owned by the well-known entrepreneur, Ken Dart. His presence has been a driving force in the Cayman Islands for nearly 20 years now. What started with just a handful of staff members and a single small office has now transformed into an investment firm who employs nearly 700 local workers and who maintains a prestigious global presence within their industry.

In an effort to give back to their community, Dart Cayman Islands has immersed themselves in a number of different business, charitable, and philanthropic activities and ventures. Their signature business venture is the development of a wonderful town known as Camana Bay, which runs parallel to the famous Seven Mile Beach. This recent development has quickly become the Cayman Islands go to location for fashion, food, entertainment, and all around fun. Each week, Camana Bay hosts a Farmer’s Market, which offers local artisans the opportunity to sell their wares.

Throughout their community, Dart Cayman Islands offers many sponsorships and donations. For example, in 2012, the Dart group established the Minds Inspired High School Scholarship and the William A. Dart Memorial University Scholarship to offer Cayman children the opportunity to attend school when they could not otherwise afford too. These scholarship funds were created with the purpose of investing in the Cayman Islands future innovators and leaders.

In a similar fashion, the Dart group has created a private-public partnership with the Cayman Islands government that facilitates and funds the development, restoration, and maintenance of community and public parks in and around the Cayman Islands. Since the partnership’s inception in 2001, five new community parks have been designed and built, as well as the total restoration of an additional six existing parks.

As a part on their ongoing commitment to their country and community, Dart Cayman Islands is more than pleased to announce their sponsorship of the Made In Cayman series. The Made In Cayman series is a collection of multiple short, stylized documentaries about local Cayman artisans and the crafts and wares that they create. These documentaries feature artisans employed in a wide range of industries, including condiments, fashion and beauty, sculpture and art, specialized craftsmanship, cigars and alcohol, and sweet treats. The series debuted in 2013 and was considered a great success. Plans are already being made to launch a second season of the series.

In addition to exposing the effort that goes into these artisans’ creations, the Made In Cayman series introduces viewers to the purpose and passion that drives these crafts persons to create their works of art.