Where Do the Backpackers Stay in Toronto?

October 11, 2013


Because backpackers love nightlife, and theatre. There’s plenty in Toronto

Today’s article is not about how to find upmarket luxury accommodation in Toronto, because not everyone can afford upmarket luxury accommodation.

In fact probably the vast backpacker2majority of visitors to Toronto will be forced to look for cheaper alternatives.

Canada is a favourite destination for backpackers from all over the world. And if you’ve ever been backpacking you’ll know that you won’t be staying in $500 a night accommodation.

However despite the fact that backpackers are generally a little impecunious there are many of them who are lovers of the arts and theatre, and who would kill for the opportunity to sample Toronto’s nightlife, theatre and arts scene. But where do they stay?

Fortunately there’s many options.

Of course as a backpacker looking for budget accommodation you’re unlikely to find luxury. At the very bottom end of the market you’ll be staying in a shared bunk room with other people.

But then again, if you’re a backpacker, you’re used to that aren’t you? In fact staying in a shared bunk room in shared accommodation is one of the features of backpacking, because that’s where you get to meet all the other backpackers. It’s very social.

And if you’re a backpacker chances you’re a member of Hosteling International, in which case you’ll be lucky enough to get cheaper rates than everybody else if you pick the right hostel.

A great option for budget Toronto accommodation for backpackers is the Hi Toronto. It’s located conveniently at 78 Church Street Toronto and, if you’d like to stay for a week, as we would expect would be necessary to take in all the culture that Toronto as to offer, then expect to pay $22 a night in shared accommodation. That’s not bad.

Another good option is the Canadiana Backpackers Inn. It’s extremely well located at 42 Widmer Street, bang in the centre of town, only three blocks from the CN Tower, the Skydome and one block away from Queen Street West, considered to be Toronto’s most trendy street. You can get to just about anything on foot from the Canadiana.

The Canadiana is smoke-free, which is always good, has no curfew which is also good and accommodates visitors who only want to stay for one night. Not that you’ll take in all that Toronto as to offer in just one night. The Canadiana is rated very highly on accommodation rating websites, and according to some the most highly rated hostel in Toronto. Prices are reasonable, at around $31 a night, though it isn’t the cheapest hostel in Toronto.

There’s plenty more options available

That’s just 2 of your options for cheap accommodation in Toronto, there’s plenty more hostels. We just think those are 2 of the best.

And if you’re travelling as a couple, and don’t have a huge budget but find that sleeping in separate shared bunkrooms isn’t quite to your taste then you still have some options other than the regular hotels. More expensive than a hostel though.

Try Victoria’s Mansion, a guest house at 68 Gloucester St, in Toronto. There are reasonable double rooms at $99 a night, depending on the time of year.

Book ahead though

Particularly in high season you might find it a little difficult to get in if you just rock up at 5pm and knock on the door. It’s always worthwhile thinking ahead. Get onto the websites  and do a little research, and if it looks like you might need to book ahead then do so.

After all who wants to miss that not to be missed performance because they couldn’t find anywhere to stay?

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