How to Update Your Kitchen with Stainless steel painting?

Are you planning to transform your boring appliances into a brand new one? Appliances will form a major part of your household. You might find some of your white colored appliances to clash with the other appliances of stainless steel painting finishes. All you will need to do is to call professional Mississauga painters for this job. The painters will beautifully paint the appliances and will give it a polished look at a minimal cost.

Things to Keep In Mind

Before, you go ahead with the project of updating your kitchen with stainless steel painting you will need to keep in mind certain important factors.


Painting the Stove

You will need to make sure thatthe painters are using high-temperature stainless steel painting. This kind of paints is designed for appliances like a stove and other heating appliances. However, any reputed Mississauga painters specifically can guide clients to choose another type of stainless steel paintings for glass top stoves.


After all, high temperature stainless steel paintings won’t work on glass top stoves. Usually, stainless steel finishes are not suitable for painting the stoves. Rather, they can be used for cast-iron stoves.

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Painting Small Stuff

When you are planning to give your kitchen cabinet a good makeover, you should ask the painter to choose branded spray-on products. This kind of paints is not only affordable but also easy to use. It is suitable for appliances which don’t generate heat. This kind of paint is suitable for creating a matte finish look.

Updating the Kitchen

Mississauga painters can easily help homeowners to update kitchen on a very small budget. They can go for liquid stainless steel paintings which come with larger chips of stainless steel. Thereby, provides a shinier finish. Although, the brush-on paint process can take a longer time; however, going for this method will make you happy.

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Getting the Best Effect

In order to get the desired effect, painters usually make use of different varieties of stainless steel and use different painting procedures. However, in order to get the best effect from the stainless steel liquid paint, always take the services of professional painters.

One thing which needs to be kept in mind is that liquid stainless steel paintings won’t glue with plastic panels, till it has been primed. Once the Mississauga painters check the panels, they would cover the control panels of the appliances with a static cling film. After that, three coats of paint would be required to cover the entire appliance. Usually, the painters will use a roller in order to apply the paint. After that, with the help of a special foam brush, the paint needs to be dragged. It would create the finish.

Once the finish dries up, the metal flakes are left behind. A final topcoat will give it a glossy look. For getting a glossier and seamless finish, two-three coats might be required.

Liquid stainless steel can easily update the appliances of your kitchen. Take the help of Mississauga painters to get a good makeover for your kitchen.