Are You In Montreal This Winter? Here’s a Not To Be Missed Performance

October 18, 2013

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Have you ever been to Cirque du Soleil?

There’s some fantastic events coming up this winter for visitors to Montréal, so if you’re visiting Montréal this winter then you’re not short of things to see. In fact there’s so much on that any theatre, arts and culture lover should be rubbing their hands together.

One that gets our juices flowing is Varekai. This is a performance by the world famous Cirque du Soleil. The Cirque du Soleil is probably the premier circus in the world, and we’ve seen quite a number of their performances, and each of them have been absolutely outstanding.circus-performers

Anyone new to the Cirque du Soleil is in for an absolute treat. This is not a circus in the traditional sense, but more a collection of extremely talented artists performing a wide variety of physical acts. You won’t find lions or tigers in these performances, one of the basic principles behind the Cirque du Soleil is that they do not use animals, only people as performers.

We’re very proud to say that Cirque du Soleil is a Canadian company, in fact it is based in Montréal. It is the largest theatrical producer in the world and probably the most successful. It began in 1984 and has toured the world many times since then.

Cirque du Soleil was founded by two former street performers, Guy Laliberté and Gilles Ste-Croix, both of whom came together and joined their talents to produce a company that has never ever been copied successfully, though many have tried.

The performers initially toured Quebec in 1980 as a performing troupe, under the name Les Échassiers, however began touring as Le Grand Tour du Cirque du Soleil in 1984 after a government grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Each show performed by Cirque du Soleil is unique, and an effort is made to synthesise circus styles from around the world into a specific central theme. There is live music throughout the show, one of the features of performances by Cirque du Soleil.

circus2Cirque du Soleil has now performed in cities on every continent except Antarctica, where there is no city of course. It now employs people from around the world, and has employed people from over forty countries, and generates revenue somewhere approaching $1 billion per annum.

If you’ve not experienced a performance of Cirque du Soleil then we urge you strongly to do so in Montréal this year. The show begins on 20 December and runs until the 30th.

And of course there’s plenty more

Commencing 16 January 2014 is the Igloofest

This is an outdoor music festival which takes place every year in the Old Port of Montréal. It began in January 2000 and has become enormously popular with crowds of tens of thousands turning out every year.

Commencing February 20, 2014 is “Montréal in lights”. If you’re willing to brave the cold of midwinter in Montréal then you’ll find a stunning selection of activities, shows, theatre, dance and much more right in the middle of the Quartier des spectacles. A lover of nightlife, culture and theatre would be hard pressed to go to all of the events at this wonderful celebration.

How do you find these events?

Of course this is just a taste of what is happening in Montréal this winter. There is much much more. But if you’re planning a visit to Montréal how do you find out exactly what is coming up for the theatre, arts and culture lover?

The best suggestion would be to visit the Montréal Tourism website.

There you will find a huge range of options for upcoming events in Montréal this coming winter. We suggest you visit the website with plenty of time on your hands because there’s plenty to see and many events to discover.

So if you’re planning on visiting Montréal shortly and don’t be put off by the fact that winter is approaching. It may be getting colder but that doesn’t mean that there are plenty of events, both indoors and outdoors, for your entertainment.

In fact for the theatre, arts and culture lover there’s more than enough to keep you busy, and happy.

Oh, by the way, if you’re in Montreal then don’t leave till you’ve visited the Botanic Gardens. They are not to be missed either.

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    John Says:

    Agreed absolutely 100 percent about Cirque du Soleil. We come from Melbourne in Australia and we saw them in Melbourne at the tennis centre. It was an absolutely fantastic performance, well worth the money (though it isn’t cheap) and well worth fighting with everyone else to get a parking spot.

    Can’t say it highly enough. If you haven’t seen one of their performances then see one.


    Alana Says:

    Agreed, I love them


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