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November 12, 2013

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Begin with the Toronto Centre for the Arts

Visitors to Toronto can discover a world of theatre and arts that is often as diverse as anything you might expect to find in New York, but less expensive.

If you’re planning on visiting Toronto it pays to do a little homework before you get there, because it’s not unusual to find that some of the best performances are booked out well in advance.

A good place to start researching upcoming events in Toronto is at the website of the Toronto Centre for the Arts

On the Toronto Centre website you’ll find a wealth of information about upcoming events, and if you visit the website well in advance it is recommended that you subscribe to their newsletter where you can receive updates about upcoming performances as well as news and information about the theatre and about the performances.

And in today’s modern age you may well be the owner of a smart phone, and therefore you will be able to download the TCA app which is also a great way to stay up to date with what is upcoming.

Alternatively just visit the iTunes Store and search the app.

The app is invaluable. From the convenience of your phone you can get notifications of new event listings, show times, performance descriptions and more. There is a calendar listing of all upcoming productions as well as short synopses of the events as well as, where available, appropriate photos. We highly recommend it to you.

Not only that but you can also purchase tickets directly through the app using your phone.

History of the Toronto Centre for the Arts

The Toronto Centre for the Arts was opened in 1933 as the New York Performing Arts Centre and has also been known as the Ford Centre for the Performing Arts. It houses three magnificent theatres where a wide range of theatre productions, musicals, plays and other performing arts are featured.The Centre has three magnificent stages, any and all of which can and has posted world class productions as well as featured other legendary performance. Some of the greatest names in music have performed at the centre, notably Dame Kiri te Kanawa, Art Garfunkel, Paul Anka, Annie Lennox and many more.

The theatres also have wonderful acoustics, and are a fantastic place to hear performances by orchestras such as the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

The Main Stage Theatre is stunning with 1727 seats. Opened in 1993, the Main Stage Theatre has world-class acoustics and is one of the world’s best and most comfortable performance venues.

The George Weston Recital Hall was also opened in 1993 with a performance by the world renowned soprano Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. It is smaller than the Main Stage Theatre with 1036 seats and has been compared favourably to world-class recital halls including Amsterdam’s Concer the tgebouw and Vienna’s Grosser Musikvereinsaa.

And finally the Toronto Centre For the Arts offers a beautifully small and personal theatre called the Studio Theatre. This is a small 200 seat capacity theatre which also offers outstanding acoustic capacities. It has a modernistic feel, featuring a mixture of black and steel seating with comfortable modern chairs.

How to get there for the visitor

Alternatively, if you’ve already arrived in Toronto, then you can visit the centre in person. If you’re lacking in transport it’s easy to find and easy to reach.

You’ll find the Toronto Centre for the Arts conveniently located at 5040 Yonge St in the centre of the city. And if you’re accessing the centre by train simply head to either Sheppard Station or New York Centre Station, it’s easily accessible on foot from either.

If you’re looking to visit Toronto, with a view to delving into the theatre and arts scene, we strongly recommend that you first spend a little time on the website of the Toronto Centre for the Arts to view what there is coming up.

Delay too long and it may all be sold out. Be quick.

And of course not all great Canadian theatre is in Toronto. Find out how to locate good theatre if you’re somewhere else in Canada. Click here.

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    Jason Says:

    I’m staggered by the range of theatre and arts available in Toronto. I’m from a small town in New Zealand and I’ve been starved of opportunities for great theatre.

    I’ve seen three performances in three days and can’t recommend the arts and theatre scene in Toronto highly enough.

    If anyone is reading this then don’t hesitate to visit. If you love your theatre you’ll love Toronto.


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