Banff National Park. The Perfect Destination For Outdoors Activities in Canada

October 27, 2013

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Take a break from theatre visits. Visit Banff, you won’t be disappointed

No visit to Canada would be complete without a visit to Banff National Park. Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest National Park, situated in the Rocky Mountains, in Alberta.banff-national-park

The park was established in 1884 and is very large, 6500 square kilometres in area. It is known for its stunning scenery, including some wonderful winter scenery. There are many glaziers and icefields in the National Park along with various Alpine landscapes and forests.

However Banff is not just there to look at, it is one of Canada’s most loved destinations for a whole range of outdoor activities, and any visitor to Canada can find a whole host of fascinating things to do in the National Park.

How to get there

Getting to the National Park is not difficult. If you’re in Calgary, the closest international airport, then you can find a shuttle service providing reliable transportation from the airport to the park.

Alternatively there is a bus direct from downtown Calgary, or the airport, which will take you to Banff or to the village of Lake Louise.

And if you’re lucky enough to have hired a car then of course it’s very easy to drive from Calgary to the National Park, the trip takes around one and half hours.

Where to stay

Of course there are many hotels in Banff to choose from, ranging from budget hotels with basic facilities right up to luxury hotels for anyone able to afford them. And we can’t canvas them all. But if you’re feeling like splashing out a little then a good choice would be the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

If you’re into luxury then you will be very happy with the Fairmont Banff Springs. The hotel is internationally known for its high quality of accommodation.

Construction of the hotel began in 1887 and it opened in the middle of 1888. It quickly developed into one of the major hotels in North America, however disaster struck in 1926 when the hotel was burned down, and two years later it was rebuilt, as it appears now.

The hotel offers world-class accommodation, with 768 guest rooms and suites. And not only does it cater to visiting guests, you can even bring pets, which is unusual for most hotels.

And there’s camping

Of course not everyone can afford a hotel of this quality and price, and for that reason there are many other options for accommodation in and around Banff and in the National Park.

For those who like communing with nature it’s perfectly possible to camp in the National Park. There are thirteen campgrounds with a total of 2468 camping sites, and these campgrounds are a popular destination with many campers during the summer.

Activities in the National Park

It is not just camping, there is heaps to do when you visit the National Park. If you’re into fishing then, provided you observe the regulations and open times, you may fish in the National Park. Or perhaps you love rivers, in which case why not go canoeing?

Or climbing? Or backpacking? Or biking or birdwatching or horseback riding? There is plenty to do.

Perhaps you prefer to relax a little more. If so then why not visit the hot springs?

Winter? No problem, there’s still heaps for you to do. Skiing, ice diving, iceskating, cross-country skiing, waterfall ice climbing and more all await the winter visitor.

Why not visit Lake Louise?

For some fantastic scenery a visit to Lake Louise cannot be missed. Lake Louise is a glacial lake in the National Park around five kilometres west of the small town of Lake Louise. The lake is known for the emerald colour of the water, a result of the fact that the water comes as meltwater from glaziers that overlook the lake. The colour is created by minute particles carried in the water.

Many of the activities available in Banff can be undertaken in the Lake Louise area, and there is some magnificent hiking around the lake offering stunning views of the lake and the nearby mountains.

So take a break from theatre visits

If you’re in Alberta, and you’ve got the time, the funds and the inclination to take a break from your theatre visits then a visit to the Banff National Park is highly recommended. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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4 Responses to “Banff National Park. The Perfect Destination For Outdoors Activities in Canada”

    Joanna Says:

    We went to Banff and had a wonderful time, it is certainly one of the most scenic places that I’ve visited in Canada. We camped because we didn’t have a lot to spend, and it was well worth it, the campgrounds are very good and it was a great way to meet some other people. We met quite a few Canadians, and made some good friends. Banff is certainly worth a visit.

    We wanted to do a little fishing, and if you’re planning to visit Banff then there’s no doubt about the fishing, but I’d suggest that you research a little about open and close seasons, times, rules and regulations and so on so you’ve got it all sorted before you go


    Mustafa Says:

    I agree, Banff is a wonderful place. I’m from Pakistan and, whilst we have some fantastic scenery in Pakistan we really don’t have the opportunity to get into all sorts of outdoor activities that we found in Banff.

    It’s a shame that most people in Pakistan can’t afford to travel, my family and I are lucky and can afford it, and it’s a wonderful way to open your eyes to what the rest of the world has to offer. There is certainly no doubt that Canada has plenty to offer. I enjoyed meeting the Canadians.


    Allan Jones Says:

    I agree with the previous comments about Banff. We didn’t quite appreciate what was there. We only stayed two nights and were extremely disappointed that we didn’t have more time. If anyone is thinking of going there make sure you have plenty of time.


    Lysander Says:

    Hi Joanna, Yes it’s got to be one of the most fantastic places on earth, certainly as far as I’m concerned. I love it and try to get there as often as I can, not often enough sadly. Glad you enjoyed it


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